Long Island Car Accident Lawyers

Victims who are injured in car crashes often consult with Long Island car accident lawyers to find out what legal options they may have. The lawyers from our firm have successfully represented many clients who were injured in car accidents and were able to get them the compensation they deserved.

When Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Long Island car accident lawyers know that the sooner they hear from an auto accident victim, the stronger the chances are that they will be able to be successful in their injury claim. There are certain steps to take following an accident that may help car accident lawyers in Long Island NY to prepare a solid case.

For many injured clients, dealing with insurance adjustors can be overwhelming and intimidating. Many clients find that allowing their Long Island car accident lawyers to represent them is very helpful in reducing stress so they can focus on recovery. Insurance companies are for-profit companies, and even your own insurance company may try to get out of paying you the entire financial compensation amount you should be paid.

In the majority of accident claims, Long Island car accident lawyers may investigate the accident in order to help identify who the responsible party or parties are, as well as preserve any evidence from the accident.

In some cases, it may appear that the injured victim is partially at fault for the accident. Some insurance companies try to use that information to deny the claim entirely, telling the victim they are not entitled to any compensation. However, New York is a comparative negligence state, meaning that even if a victim bears some of the accident responsibility, they might still be entitled to collect a portion of the damages.

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These are just some of the reasons why it is so important for car accident victims to consult with car accident lawyers in Long Island. If you have suffered injuries from an auto accident, contact us today. Our skilled attorneys fight aggressively for our clients to ensure that they receive the financial compensation they deserve. This compensation may be able to cover the costs of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income resulting from the accident. Depending on the extent of your injuries, there may be future medical expenses to factor in. If your injury has caused a substantial loss of enjoyment of life, additional compensation for pain and suffering may be justifiable.

Our attorneys stand up to insurance companies that try to deny or delay the compensation our clients should receive. We’re dedicated to serving communities in and around Long Island, and if you’ve been injured in a car accident recently, we may be able to assist you. We offer free initial case evaluations to prospective clients so that we may discuss the details of your case directly.

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